This Election is Too Important - We Need Republican Bill Brawley

His broad experience in elective and appointed office representing the Matthews, Mint Hill area has prepared him for this challenge. He served four years on the Matthews Town Council, over 11 years on the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Commission representing the Southern Towns, and served or chaired over a dozen citizens’ boards and committees.

Bill helped bring more schools to the east suburbs; helped redistrict the county commission; worked on park bond authorizations which funded building and expanded five parks in our district; fought roads issues in Raleigh, helped build a coalition of developers and environmentalists which created the Whitehall Nature Preserve; helped get a share of tourism taxes for the Towns; helped pass the greenway master plan; helped remap the flood plains along the southeastern edge of the county; lobbied the county commission for funding to expand Butler High School (which was granted), and to preserve the staff of Mint Hill library in 2009 (and is doing so again); and lobbied the Board of Education for Mint Hill to attend one school as a community.

In 2004, Bill campaigned for park bonds that included a park in downtown Charlotte. When the County Commission changed the use of the land to a baseball stadium, he resigned. When Bill was asked why, he answered, “While the Commission had acted legally, I believed then, and still believe now, that we had made a campaign promise to the voters, and we needed to keep it.”

Bill has been active in our community for over 30 years and has learned that many of the problems we face in our area will be solved in full or in part in Raleigh. Cities and Counties are creatures of the legislature, and all their powers are delegated from the legislature. The legislature can and does change them at will.

Here are a few examples of the impact of Raleigh. The maps of our six county commission districts and school board districts were drawn by the legislature in 1993, overturning a plan approved by voters in 1992. I-485 has been delayed by decisions made in Raleigh.

State standards determine what our children learn in school, has anyone asked your opinion? A significant portion of Mecklenburg County’s budget is state mandated. All of these issues will be decided in Raleigh.

We need a strong representative with experience and skills in Raleigh to insure the growth of our area, and secure the future for our children! We need Bill Brawley!